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The Ellavate

Theory + Practice


The Ellavate Approach prioritizes and leverages current research and data in order to diagnose your DEI problems and to garner insight in determining a logical explanation and conclusion on it.


The Ellavate approach then synthesizes your DEI related problems and insights in order to provide tactical solutions towards measurable results designed for supporting you in achieving your DEI goals.

The Ellavate Approach combines the expertise of scholarly research with the practical application that it takes to achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes. Strategy consulting is not an off-the-shelf experience, but instead it is tailored to each client by understanding your unique culture and partnering with organizations to reach their goals.


Ellavate Services


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Consulting

Ellavate Solutions provides strategy consulting for leaders looking to commit to systematic cultural changes in how they recruit, develop, engage and assess performance.


 The Ellavate Solutions team advises global clients on developing meaningful DEI strategies that connect with employees, clients and community spheres of influence. If you are looking to create immediate impact and sustainable long-term change in your organization Ellavate Solutions can help.

DEI Strategy Consulting

Speaking Engagements

With experience speaking for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit and government agencies, Dr. Washington is a dynamic and engaging speaker and facilitator. She provides leadership insights along with practical tools to inspire and motivate audiences of all sizes.

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Speaking Engagement

Workshop Facilitation

Dr. Washington has a research backed approach to how DEI training should be developed to support sustainable outcomes. Ellavate Solutions workshops are designed to be highly interactive with personalized and relevant content for Virtual or In-Person Experiences.

Popular Workshop Topics Include:

·       Foundations of DEI

·       Allyship

·       Microaggressions

·       Courageous Conversations

·       Custom Options Available

Workshop Facilitation
Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a transformational process where you receive individualized support to help you maximize performance and grow your leadership skills in the workplace. My role as a coach is to help remove any obstacles that stand in the way of you attaining your goals. Coaching helps increase self-awareness of developmental blind spots. Leadership coaching is about helping people realize, activate and maximize their individual strengths.  Coaching with Ellavate Solutions is not an off-shelf experience, yet it is a personal and challenging journey.

DEI Tune-up
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DEI Tune-Up

The DEI Tune-Up provides a periodic assessment of how your strategy is performing against your goals and key metrics. Through an onboarding survey, Ellavate Solutions will assess and evaluate key inputs such as employee surveys, organizational data, and focus group outcomes. The results of this survey will inform a strategy session with the Ellavate Solutions team for further discussion and analysis of DEI efforts. This strategic evaluation will result in a series of recommendations for Tune-Up actions that will double down on successful efforts, pivot away from ineffective programs and infuse new and innovative frameworks for the evolving needs of the organization.

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