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Adam Grant
New York Times, Best Selling
Author of Think Again
Host of Worklife Podcast

'An unusually informative, instantly actionable book on how to move from lip service on diversity to the reality of inclusion. Ella Washington is a leading expert on the science and practice of inclusion. Ella Washington is a leading expert on science and practice of inclusion, and she shows what it takes for workplaces to walk the talk.'


Laura Morgan Roberts
Associate Professor of Business Administration
University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Coeditor of Race,Work, and Leadership

'Filled with illuminating case studies and actionable advice, The Necessary Journey is the only roadmap you'll need for creating an inclusive workplace - no matter where you and your organization are in your journey.'


Jim Clifton
Chairman and Former CEO, Gallup

'I love Washington's challenge to us, which is to take on the issues of DEI ourselves in our own organizations and get on the journey rather than wait on the mandates. Laws can't change feelings, but leaders can. If all of us just got on the journey - starting today - this ugly scourge of a problem could be easily fixed. This book outlines the hard climb to the top - but one you can do - and Ella Washington is your Sherpa.'



"Highly useful for diversity officers, HR workers, CEOs, and activists in the business community."

"Her case studies are impressively positive even if the journeys are never quite complete."

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