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While we recognize that each organization is different and not all best practices will work for your DEI goals, it is our hope that you can take these practices and leverage them in your life, your company, and/or your organization!

Incorporating empathy into company culture should seem like a no brainer, but so many are missing empathy. We have stopped asking ourselves, “How would we feel if that happened to me?” Now more than ever, empathy needs to be included in the workplace and everyday life. With a global pandemic, political division, and an economy on the border of collapse, we should all consider being more empathetic to others' struggles. Johnny Taylor, president and CEO of the SHRM wrote a great piece on enfusing empathy back into our lives, as he said, “Our companies - and - our country desperately needs it.” Read the full article and listen to the recent Cultural Competence podcast episode hosted by Camille Lloyd and Dr. Washington with guest Johnny Taylor to learn more.