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Don't Quit When the Work Gets Tough

While we recognize that each organization is different and not all best practices will work for your DEI goals, it is our hope that you can take these practices and leverage them in your life, your company, and/or your organization!

Starting on a DEI journey at a personal or organization level can be tough. The road is paved with questions, not wanting to say the wrong thing and a range of emotions from shock to sadness. We encourage you to keep going! In a recent Cultural Competence podcast episode, our founder, Dr. Ella F. Washington said, “Anti-racism is cool until you have to do the work.” Being anti-racist and working on DEI strategies is a journey, not a one day, one workshop and done experience. At Ellavate Solutions we are here to guide you through that journey. No matter how hard the journey is. With the start of a new year, it is important to continue on your DEI journey. Did you do work in 2020 and want to re-engage with your employees? Reach out to Ellavate Solutions today!

- Dr. Ella F. Washington