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Avoiding Technology Burnout: Virtual Love Languages During Social Distancing

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

2020 Introductions: Hi I’m Ella, my preferred pronouns are she, her, hers. My love language is quality time. My virtual love language is a phone call (preferably while walking outside).

Talking about your love language has become common practice for most millennials. Sharing how you both show and prefer to receive appreciation from others helps build effective communication for strong romantic relationships, friendships and even workplace partnerships. However, during social distancing many of us are becoming burnt out by incessant work zoom meetings at work coupled with feeling obligated to attend virtual happy hours with friends and check-ins with our families. I have heard feeling of guilt from clients during this time expressing “I want to connect with my loved ones, but I just cannot do another zoom meeting.”

Just as much as we have become aware of our love language for interpersonal relationships, I advocate for us to become aware of our virtual love language. When catching up with friends do you prefer to text? Facetime? Does a phone call feel less like work meetings right now? Being aware of your virtual communication preference AND communicating that to your loved ones can help limit feelings of technology fatigue.

Your virtual love language also applies at work. Do you know how your boss likes to best communicate? Should you pick up the phone to call when you have a question or is email preferred? Having open dialogue about virtual communication preferences can go a long way to decrease work frustration and employee burnout.

Social distancing is hard. Working virtual 100% is new for most of us. But we do not have to let technology burn us out, knowing your virtual love language can help.

Ways you can improve now: Take our free 2 minute virtual communications styles quiz here to explore work and personal communication preferences. Share your results with colleagues and loved ones to improve communication. Let’s #Ellavate!