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Ellavate Solutions is excited to introduce the next evolution of our workshop and training offerings for large organizations looking to execute large-scale DEI training. Through individually accessible on-demand modules, your employees can engage in DEI training on a range of topics on their own- allowing you to use valuable in person time to connect and discuss the intricate and important themes they are learning and unpacking.

Inside Ellavate Academy

  • A fully self-paced experience

  • Relatable scenarios that fit within our current social climate and real workplace stories

  • Independently reflective activities to complement the topic

  • Session quizzes to quantify learnings 

  • A menu of e-learning pathways for specific topics and skills development

  • Options for accompanying discussion guides for synchronous engagement 

Ellavate Academy on demand and on the go

This fully self-paced training platform is avaliable on desktop, laptop, and mobile for your employees convenience. 

Want early access?

Ellavate Academy will launch in January of 2024. We are excited to offer early access to a select group of clients to preview the platform for continued use into 2024. ​


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In Person vs Virtual Training 

Curious how Ellavate Academy differs from our in-person workshops?





  • Ideal for groups between 10-50 participants 

  • Hands-on activities that allow participants to connect and interact with their colleagues 

  • Presence of a DEI expert who can answer questions and clarify content live 

  • Personalized, company-specific training examples/scenarios to maximize relevance

  • Ideal for groups of 100 participants or more 

  • Fully self-paced and asynchronous learning experience 

  • Optional companion discussion guide to foster synchronous discussions 

  • Engaging user experience comprised of interactive activities and full narration

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